The next evolution of MKM 

Check out our brand new Product & Policy Guide, as well as our new servicing calculators,
which have been designed with the future in mind. The next evolution of MKM starts today. 

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There are some big changes are coming to MKM.

Starting with our brand new product range, we have embarked on a journey to become your customers’ lender of choice.

Click the below button to download our brand new product and policy guide, or keep scrolling to explore our updated calculators and see if your client qualifies for our new product range. 

We look forward to sharing our other big upcoming changes over the next few months.

Key features of our product range

Loan Settings

  • Rates from 3.79%
  • Maximum LVR 85% (full doc)

  • Maximum loan of $3M

  • Accept both PAYG & Self Employed

Other features

  • We do not clawback
  • No risk fees on our Near Prime product LVR  <70% 
  • Accept owner occupied, investment property or personal investment purpose lending.


  • 100% of Income Protection, OT, Allowances, Commissions, etc. (Any verifiable income)
  • Rental or Centrelink income only
  • Discharged Bankrupt > 2 years
  • Some products eligible for Accountant Declaration income verification
  • Short Term Casual employment

What our customers are saying

I was able to buy out my family home after my divorce. MKM gave me a loan based on the income from my part-time job and child maintenance payments.

“Unlike some other lenders, MKM didn’t see it as a negative that I earn money from more than one job.”

Download our latest Calculators

To discover if your client services for our new Basic and Options product range, please download the below calculators. 

Download this calculator to discover if your client is eligible for our Basic Near Prime, Basic Near Prime Plus, Basic Specialist, Options Land, Options Company Borrowers or Options Expat products. 

Download this calculator to discover if your client is eligible for our Options Construction product (both Full Doc & Alt Doc solutions). Have a question? Please reach out to your dedicated BDM.

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