Non-Citizen Loan

For customers living overseas looking to purchase investment property in Australia. MKM will use 100% of income for both Self Employed and PAYG.

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Key features of the MKM Non-Citizen loan

Loan Settings

  • Rates From 6.25%

  • Maximum LVR 75%

  • Maximum Loan $1.5m

  • 0.55% upfront and +.20 trail including GST

Other features

  • No clawbacks

  • MKM does not shade overseas income. We accept 80% of overseas rental income.


  • Must reside in eligible countries of residency

  • Customers on visas residing in Australia or a non-citizen residing overseas can be receiving overseas income streams

What our Non-Citizen customers are saying

“Not being an Australian citizen, MKM gave me the opportunity to buy into the real estate market in Australia using 100% of my overseas income. Thanks MKM!”

A great initial product allowing us to buy into property prior to our move to Australia.

Product Summary

Registered Defaults

< $1,000 Ignored if > 2 years


Zero arrears

Maximum LVR

Borrow up to 75% of the property’s value

Max Loan – 75% LVR


Max Loan – 70% LVR


Maximum term

30 years (subject to expected retirement age)

Minimum term

5 years

Repayment frequency

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly (Interest only is monthly)

Extra payments


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