MKM Capital provides tailored residential mortgage solutions for our customers by understanding a borrower’s individual needs and unique circumstances.

The Flexible & Specialised Approach: 

We offer our customers a flexible and specialised approach to their residential mortgage needs.

Through our team of lending professionals and innovative mortgage solutions, we offer a personalised experience.

Contact our credit team for scenarios with:

  • Borrowers with impaired credit history.
  • Near-prime borrowers.
  • Self-employed borrowers.
  • Flexi-doc income assessment (alternative income documentation).
  • Incomplete construction (assessed as land only until 90% complete).
  • Start-up businesses & one-day ABNs.
  • Short term & casual employment.
  • Australian citizen or resident with overseas income (including self-employed income).
  • All verifiable, ongoing income sources considered.
  • Vacant land as sole security up to LVR of 75%.
  • Unlimited cash-out for any acceptable purposes.
  • Debt consolidations.
  • Favourable purchases.
  • Urgent settlements.


MKM Capital requires a Registered First Mortgage over a residentially zoned house or land.

Loan Pricing

MKM Capital’s pricing is risk based and competitively priced based on the circumstances of each scenario. Contact us for further pricing information.

Loan Purpose & Term

MKM’s loans can be for purchasing a home or investment property, refinancing existing debts or for business/investment purposes.

MKM Capital offers flexible loan terms of up to 30 years, with interest only repayments up to 5 years.

Loan Amounts

Minimum Loan Size: $50,000.00
Maximum Loan Size: $2,000,000.00

Loan To Valuation Ratio (LVR)

MKM Capital provides mortgages at the following Loan to Valuation ratios:

Residentially Zoned Property: Up to 80% in approved locations.
Residentially Zoned Vacant Land: Up to 75% in approved locations.

Flexible Income Verification

MKM Capital will consider all regular, verifiable income sources when assessing repayment ability, without the narrow definitions of traditional lenders.  This includes casual income, short-term permanent employment, Centrelink, Workcover, superannuation, income protection payments and overseas income earned by Australian citizens/residents (including self-employed income).

MKM’s Flexi-Doc assessment assists the self-employed to obtain finance, including those with a short-term ABN who have recently purchased or started their own business.  If a borrower’s financial statements are not up to date, we can consider other forms of verification such as bank statements, BAS and an accountant declaration.

Recovery Loans

The MKM Capital Recovery Loan is for those applicants with current unresolved credit impairment. Many people experience financial stress in the wake of unemployment, divorce, illness, bereavement or business failure.

MKM understands that for most people these are one-off events from which they will recover, so we look to the future when assessing these applications.  If you or your client’s are taking the right steps to recover from their setback, we would like to help on their way.

No-Doc Asset Lending

MKM Capital does not offer no-doc “asset lending”.

Contact your Business Development Manager today to see how MKM Capital can help.