MKM Capital offers tailored commercial mortgage solutions for our customers by understanding a borrower’s individual needs and unique circumstances.

The Flexible & Specialised Approach

We offer our customers a flexible and specialised approach to their commercial mortgage needs.

Through our team of lending professionals and innovative mortgage solutions, we offer a personalised customer experience.

Contact our credit team about scenarios with:

  • Debt consolidations.
  • Borrowers with credit impairment.
  • Flexi-doc & Lease-doc income assessment (alternative income documentation).
  • Start-up businesses & one-day ABN’s.
  • Favourable purchases.
  • Urgent settlements.


MKM Capital requires a Registered First Mortgage over commercial real estate.

Standard Security

Cat 1 < 70% LVR

Cat 2 < 65% LVR

Including: Shops, offices, medical, factories, warehouses and mixed use security.

Non-Standard Security

< 50% LVR

Including: Serviced apartments, boarding houses, childcare centres and rural properties that are less than 10 acres.

Development sites and vacant land are not acceptable securities.

Loan Pricing

MKM Capital’s pricing is risk based and competitively priced based on the circumstances of each scenario. Contact us for further pricing information.

Loan Purpose & Term

Loans are offered with the flexibility of terms up to 25 years and up to 5 years interest only repayments.

Loan Amounts

Flexi-Doc & Full-Doc: $2,000,000 Maximum Loan Size

Lease-Doc: $1,000,000 Maximum Loan Size

Non-Standard Security: $750,000 Maximum Loan Size

Flexible Income Verification


Lease-doc offers a simple no-fuss credit assessment where the lease income alone will service the loan and there is at least 12 months to run on the lease. The loan term must not extend beyond the end of the lease.


If your’s or your client’s financial statements are not up to date, MKM will consider other forms of income verification such as bank statements, BAS and an accountant declaration.


Offered for those applicants whose financial statements and tax returns are up to date.

No-Doc Asset Lending: 

MKM Capital does not offer no-doc “asset lending”.

Contact your Business Development Manager today to see how MKM Capital can help.