Expat Loan

For Australian Citizens working and living overseas or Permanent Residents living in Australia with income from overseas.

make it

     ready for your return

Key features of the MKM Expat loan

Loan Settings

  • Rates from 4.15%
  • Max LVR 70% up to $1.5M or max LVR 75% up to $1M for residential houses.
  • Max LVR 70% up to $1M for units and apartments
  • We pay an upfront commission of 0.7% with a 0.2% trail

Other features

  • We do not clawback
  • MKM does not shade the income from any country, we accept 80% of rental income for overseas investment properties


  • All borrowers must be Australian Citizens if living overseas (Expat)
  • Australian Citizens (Passport holders living and working overseas) or Australian Citizen/ Permanent Residents that resides in Australia and earn overseas income (can be self employed)
  • Income verification for self-employed borrowers will need to include 1 year’s financials
  • Discharged Bankrupt > 1 day

What our Expat customers are saying

“I live and work in Hong Kong, so the Expat loan means I can keep a foothold in the Aussie real estate market. Thanks MKM!”

“I live in Australia but earn money from overseas clients. The banks can’t get their head around it, but MKM approved the loan and made it happen.”

Product Summary

Registered defaults

< $1,000 Ignored if > 2 years


Discharged > 1 day


Zero arrears
1 late repayment < 30 days allowed

Maximum LVR

Borrow up to 80% of the property’s value

Minimum amount


Max Loan – 80% LVR


Maximum amount


Maximum term

30 years (subject to expected retirement age)

Interest structure

Principal & Interest OR Interest Only. Additional terms and conditions apply to Interest Only loans.

Repayment frequency

Weekly, fortnightly or monthly (Interest only is monthly)

Extra payments


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