Business Development

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Tracey Byrne

Tracey Byrne 
National Sales Manager NSW

Northern NSW 

With 20 years of specialist lending experience, Tracey leads the BDM team. Having worked as a broker, team leader, customer relationship manager and a BDM, Tracey’s breadth of experience gives her unique insight and an ability to think outside the square to find a solution.

0400 700 355

John Carnie 

North West VIC

A senior credit and lending manager with 30 years of experience, John brings to his clients a deep knowledge of credit review. He combines this knowledge with keen problem-solving skills and a desire to deliver exceptional customer service.

0429 039 177

Renae Long 


Renae has the ability to strategically assess and understand the needs of clients. Having run a successful brokerage firm, Renae knows how to achieve sustainable solutions for all clients.

0455 800 003

Rebecca Escobar 

ACT Southern NSW

With 15 years financial services industry experience, Rebecca is passionate about helping clients and driving business growth. She has strong skills in banking, credit analysis, mortgage underwriting, personal finance and business relationship management.

0499 906 542

Carla Segaram 


Carla has excelled at working with brokers during her 20 years as a business development manager and loves training new brokers. Carla is passionate about the finance industry and has been a finalist multiple times in business and banking award programs.

0437 924 928

Sandy Basso 


Sandy is a customer focused, results orientated leader with a wealth of knowledge and experience across a variety of sectors including Financial Services. As a business professional Sandy is always happy to go the ‘extra mile’ for brokers. Sandy believes in long term business relationships based upon service excellence, integrity, trust and respect.

0499 002 974

Shiralee Wooding

South East VIC

A senior credit, lending and sales manager with 37 years of experience across both the finance and retail sales industries. Shiralee combines these extensive skills and knowledge to build long term relationships, offer outstanding customer service and achieve results.

0499 830 003