Our products

Accepts ABNs > 12 months, 100% of all ongoing income (80% of rental), this product will appeal to borrowers who have been self-employed for 12 months or more. All defaults > 2 years ignored.

Accepts ABNs > 6 months, 100% of foreign and other income (80% of rental) this product will appeal to the newly self-employed and Aussie expats. All defaults > 2 years ignored.

For those clients with some defaults and arrears, we accept 100% of most income types, and for start-up businesses we accept one-day ABNs and newly registered GSTs.

Under this loan, MKM takes the value of the land or the partially built / poor condition securities. Owner-builders accepted. Valued at ‘as is’ – not end value.

For loans that require individual consideration, MKM’s Specialised loan considers large defaults and arrears to find a workable solution for you and your client.

This is for company borrowers, company on title, excess builder’s stock, vacant land with DA potential. This product requires an accountant letter only for income.

For clients purchasing commercial security or re-financing, cash-out for a verified purpose. Acceptable securities are shops, offices, medical, factories, warehouse and mixed-use.

Customers we help

One day ABN

Assisting clients with start-up businesses or short term ABNs

Aussie expats

Australians citizens earning foreign income, living in Australia or overseas

Partially built/poor condition

Owner-builders who need funds to finish construction

Vacant land

We help self-employed clients purchase vacant land up to 75% LVR

All income types

Worker’s compensation, income protection, Centrelink, child-maintenance


Shops, Offices, Medical, Factories, Warehouses and Mixed Use

MKM takes a common-sense, practical approach to each loan application, to see the commitment and potential that other lenders miss.