MKM has a range of products to suit the needs and circumstances of every loan

Ultra Clear

Ultra Clear is our new product for self-employed clients > 12 months. This product will appeal to borrowers with several different income streams or clients who have had a credit default > 2 years.


  • Rates from 3.19% Full Doc
  • Rates from 4.15% Flexi Doc
  • 80% of rental income
  • ABN > than 12 months
  • One year’s tax return accepted
  • Borrow up to 80% LVR to a loan of $1.5m. 70% to a loan of $2m
  • No clawback
  • Defaults > 2 years ignored
  • Income Protection, Workers Compensation
  • Short-term casual employment
  • 100% of all verifiable income accepted, including all Centrelink payments for a children < 13 yrs


Great for the self-employed or Aussie expat customers. With competitive rates, our Clear product is perfect for applicants who have held an ABN for longer than 6 months or have at least one year’s tax return.


  • Interest rates from 4.15%
  • Loans from $100K to $1.5m
  • Borrow up to 80% LVR to a loan of $1.5m. 70% to a loan of $2m
  • No clawback
  • Loan for expats (including self-employed with one-year’s tax return) using 100% of foreign income from any country accepted
  • Cash out for worthwhile purpose
  • Bankruptcy >2 years discharged


Our Near product suits applicants who have some credit impairment, arrears and receive an income outside of a bank’s rigid criteria. For Near customers, we’re committed to finding workable solutions, and flexible enough to assess applications on a case-by-case basis.


  • Interest rates from 5.10%
  • One-day ABN
  • No clawback
  • Recent defaults accepted
  • Cash out for worthwhile purpose
  • Full Doc requires last two PAYG payslips, or one year’s tax return for self-employed


Leverage the equity of the land. For an owner occupier who has run out of funds to complete their build, MKM will lend against the value of the land or the partially built/poor condition structure, to help build or renovation.


  • Interest rates from 6.49%
  • ABN holder for more than 6 months
  • One year’s tax return accepted
  • No clawback
  • Cash out for worthwhile purpose
  • Flexi Doc self-employed accepted


This loan is for Australian Citizens working and living overseas or Permanent Residents living in Australia with income from overseas.


  • 100% of income from all countries
  • If living overseas, must be Australian Citizens
  • Self-employed accepted with one year’s tax return
  • LVR to 75% on houses
  • LVR to 70% on units
  • Loan amount up to $1.5M
  • May be living in Australia or living overseas with foreign income


For loans that require individual consideration, MKM offers our Specialised product. We recognise that there are many reasons that a more tailored loan is needed, and MKM takes a can-do approach to offer a loan that accommodates different circumstances.


  • Interest rates from 6.99%
  • ABN holder for more than 6 months
  • Defaults and arrears accepted
  • No clawback
  • Full Doc requires last six month’s bank statements, last two payslips, or one year’s tax return for self-employed borrowers
  • Flexi Doc requires accountant’s declaration; and 6 month’s business bank statements


This is for company borrowers, company on title, excess builder’s stock, vacant land with DA potential. This product requires an accountant letter only for income.


  • Interest rates from 5.25%
  • SPV accepted
  • No clawback
  • Cash out for business use
  • Flexi Doc requires accountant’s declaration with income


For clients purchasing commercial security or re-financing, cash-out for a verified purpose. Acceptable securities are shops, offices, medical, factories, warehouse and mixed-use.


  • Interest rates from 4.80%
  • ABN & GST registered >6 months
  • Defaults >2 years ignored
  • New defaults <$5,000 considered
  • No clawback
  • Cash out for verified purpose